Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading List 2011

After reading Sonia's 2010 review and current booklist, I've decided to join the "Book List" challenge being run by Megan at somewhere along a winding path. Basically the premise is we are counting how many books we read in a 12 month period.

Now in my life reading is pretty much akin to breathing. If I dont have a book to read, I really feel at a loss...naked you might say. In those cases, I often re-read books I already own (or currently working my way back and forth through Granny B's bookcase - though I've read everything there 2-3 times before anyways LOL).

Now I dont read nearly as much as I did before Little B was born. But my passion for reading was something inherited from both parents (who are both big readers) and have passed on (Little B is hugely into books - written and audio). I've read to Little B since he was a tiny baby and we visit the library once a week . The only drawback I find now is I've read everything my favourite authors have written and am on the constant look out for new authors (so I can then exhaust their repertoire ;-)

So I'm now listing the books I have read thus far and will continue to add the new ones, on the left hand side of my blog under labels as we make our way through 2011. At first I was intimidated by writing down what I read as the type of books I read are wide and varied, across multiple genres. But then I thought "hey lets keep it real" :-) 

I dont have any lofty goals of how many books I want to read,  I'm just super curious about how many I do read in 12 months.

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