Saturday, March 5, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for picnics

This week has been a hospitals and doctors week and thus it has been crappy. More tests and more probable damage caused by my mold exposure. So this Saturday I'm grateful for...

* picnics at the park in the sunshine - good food, good rays, good company..what more could a girl want??

* new jazzy playgrounds - which make up for days spent inside when it's raining and hanging around in specialist's waiting rooms

* finding a helpful handyman - to pull up the slack of renovating house, since I am now out of the game

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  1. Oh, no, that's not good. Hope this week coming is better...

  2. I hope you feel better sooner.
    Parks,picnics, playgrounds & sunshine always make things brighter.

  3. Ouch, no good, Mrs B!!! I'm glad you had a picnic to cheer you up. Picnics + me = happiness too. x

  4. Sunshine is lovely. I'm enjoying the gentle rain that is falling at my house right now (seems to match the red wine perfectly), but I'm looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow.

  5. Sending you positive thoughts for a positive future.