Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nature is good, nature is good

Hmmm there are days I'm just not cut out to be a little boy's mum!! I'm all for nature play but this new obsession is testing my nerve LOL


  1. Oh, how cute is he! (The boy, not the slimy snail!)

    We've had a few snails peeping around the garden beds lately, and I've felt really awful when I've thrown them off to the side and then later seen ants attacking them. I know nature is good and even snails have their place, but not on my tiny Winter seedlings they don't!

  2. Hmm I hate snails with a passion. They massacre my veggie garden with far too much regularity. But at kindy they've having a snail farm, so now Little B is enamoured LOL

  3. A snail farm! I think a worm farm is a much better idea, LOL!!