Saturday, March 12, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for tree loppers

With our grey gum losing a massive limb and smooshing the fence, today I'm grateful for:

* speedy tree loppers - branch down yesterday, cut up today and some friends coming to pick up the wood tomorrow. The tree loppers were fab - fast, friendly and helpful!!

* anzac biscuits - power food as we soldier through the house reno's (this is the last weekend - hooray :-)

* sparkly artwork - Little B is loving preschool and is bringing home lots of sparkly, colourful artwork each week and I love the stories that explain said artwork.

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  1. We love Anzacs around here too. And how could a sparkle fail to brighten our day?

    I am at war with the Council tree loppers who lopped off a the branch that held our children' swing-set. Admittedly it was on 'Crown land' but they could at least have taken the swing down first rather than allowing it to be squashed into oblivion... Soooo no love from me! x

  2. Congratulations on your last weekend renovating.. I hope it feels very rewarding after the hard work that you have all put in.

    Kind Regards