Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hospitals Suck

Toddler B went in for a procedure for his teeth yesterday (another issue from antibiotics during pregnancy). He had a general anaesthetic. First of all, they dont make an unflavoured anaesthetic for children - its all strawberry, chocolate or pineapple flavoured. All childrens face masks are imbued with scent as well.

So today I have a child getting over a GA and having a massive reaction to the overdose of salicylates in the scented masks etc.

Also in recovery, do they cater for children with food allergies?? Of course not!! I was prepared and took our own food, but nurses kept insisting he ate one of their icy poles. Umm no - he's allergic. I was starting to feel like a broken record.

Food Challenges

Up until recently, Toddler B has failed all his food challenges. Soy is as evil as ever!!
He also failed his most recent egg challenge as well.

We tried a dairy challenge in April under the supervision of an allergy dietician. While he initially passed a cooked milk, he failed yoghurt dismally. So four months later we are in the process of our next dairy challenge.

Against common advice we are avoiding yoghurt and cheese completely. After much research, I believe the protein chains are inducing an allergic response in Toddler B. So far we have passed milk in baked goodies, and are slowly moving up the chain of a cooked milk custard (de-natured milk as he is allergic to all the additives in formula).

So far so good. I think what has helped the most has been the introduction of a good Probiotic. It has also helped with his environmental allergies. Since introducing the probiotic we have seen a HUGE reduction in his reactions.