Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go no poo :-)

I have been reading an ever expanding list of blogs recently which have inspired me to try new things at home.

The most successful was has been going shampoo free. Who would have thought it would feel so freeing. I have been in an ongoing battle to find a chemical free shampoo that actually cleans my dirty mop of hair. I would think I'd hit onto a new favourite but it would disappoint after two or three washes, leaving me with limp dirty hair.

I am so happy to say my new process works like a dream. I sprinkle bicarb on my hair when dry, rub it into my scalp. Then jump into the shower and rinse it out. I follow this with a vinegar water mix as a conditioner. My hair has never been this soft or clean. It also doesnt get as dirty as usual.

I'm not the first to try it nor the last I'm sure, but I am so happy to find something that works!! :-)

And thus begins the scented path....

After being inspired by so many green blogs, I thought I would start my own.

I began our families journey 3 years ago when Mr B and I began a business based on solar. With each step into this new domain, we began to focus more carefully on our choices. In hindsight, they were baby steps. We watched our power usage (or so we thought), I cooked all our meals, ate "healthily" and made a tree change to live closer to the environment.

Little B was then born and I began to take my decisions and choices in earnest.

I'm lucky that we already had embraced breastfeeding and cloth nappies. But when Little B was diagnosed with food allergies, I started to take a really good look at our food choices. Boy was I shocked. I thought we done all the "good things" but really we were eating things full of fillers, not to mention pesticides etc on our food.

And with this focus, my eyes literally opened wide to how we were living our lives. Yes we had begun a sustainable business but our lifestyle left much to be desired.

And so began our journey along the scented path...