Monday, March 14, 2011

A knitting we will go..

I was inspired by this post by Rhonda to dig back out my knitting. Though it feels like I have been knitting this jumper forever (because I have been), I still am hopeful to have it ready to wear by winter. So when Little B became sick late last week, and what with spending half a day or two with a little monkey asleep in my lap, it's enforced some downtime.

It's been nice actually. Our house renovations have taken over our life and I havent spent any of Little B's preschool time crafting, knitting as I hoped as yet. So this time out has been not only relaxing but as Rhonda says almost a meditation and sort of soul invigorating (I'm not destined to be Bob the Builder and all this house painting etc has been wearing us down bit by bit).

So I'm excited about knitting again and fingers crossed I finish this soon. I did have a cardigan lined up as my next knitting project (I have the most gorgeous indigo wool) but think I might aim for something smaller like a wrap or shrug to keep my momentum going LOL.

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