Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gluten free books

I am loving these two books at the moment. Granny B has been diagnosed with coeliac disease and has gone gluten free. Which means that I have been on a learning curve with regards to cooking and baking. So the first thing I did was reserve what felt like every book at the library about gluten free cooking :-)

I knew some of the basics but even then with issues of cross contamination in the house it's still been a bit of an eye opener. Anyways, I have found these two the most helpful with ideas, suggestions and recipes. Especially the low GI guide to gluten-free cooking by Prof Jennie Brand-Miller. It has some great guidelines for getting heaps of nutrition and variety and its recipes are really tasty.

Gluten-free recipes for the conscious cook by Leslie Cerier has also been great. We like vegetarian meals so anything new to try is brilliant plus I love experimenting with new grains and foods. My only complaint would be it focuses a little too much on gluten free oats which we are avoiding at the moment. But there are some delicious stew, smoothie and porridge recipes to make...yumm.

But in the last 5 weeks, Granny B can breathe properly for the first time in 10 years, has lost 4 kgs without dieting, and her thyroid has gone down. She is no longer tired all the time, her joints dont hurt and she says her brain feels clearer than it's been in years. And that's worth learning to cook for!!

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