Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dairy Free - Week 2

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And onto Week 2...I've now been joined in going dairy free by Granny B & Little B. A few tastes of rice milk and Little B refused all cow milk and hopped on the rice milk train. With some surprising results - nearly all his extraneous tummy pain has gone (for now), and his mood has improved ten fold. The tummy pain thing is interesting as he has suffered from this his whole life but in hindsight it has probably been worse in the last 12 months.

But in regards to mood - we thought we had a wee bit of a challenging child recently because he started 4 year old preschool. He has been quite anxious, moody and very prone to pushing the boundaries. Removing dairy and he is none of these things. He is literally thriving at preschool and has become very confident with other children (he has always had a tendency to be scared or unsure of other kids in recent years). At a playdate last week, he went and played football down the back of the yard with another boy. Now to put this in perspective, I seriously felt like taking a photo to show Mr B as Little B would never do this without one of us present.

As for me, I actually prefer being dairy free (who'd of thought). I have way less bloating and gripey tummy. Though I'm still not convinced that is from the removal of dairy. I will start doing mini food challenges in about a week's time so it will be interesting to see what that shows up.

But one drawback to this elimination diet is I'm losing weight again (grrrr, aaarrggh!!). So in consultation with my allergist we are trying very hard to get me through the next week without resorting back to other foods not on the diet (read: dairy).

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  1. It all sounds good, except for you losing weight again... as I said last week, dairy-free is working for me, with some Goats Milk for the calcium, with relief from the same symptoms you had. Cheeky A, though, has had some minor constipation on the Goats Milk, so going to cut back on that for him... and maybe try rice milk again.

    Good luck!