Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Garden Update

I had great fun yesterday out digging in the garden in the one day of sun expected for this week. I ripped out the last of my tomato plants - they were all looking a bit sad and blighty. I'd already said goodbye to half my green beans as the snails appeared in a short two day period and decimated them, then I found a few more had succumbed to mold / powdery mildew with all the weird weather. So I only have a couple left which have lots of beans to still pick and come.

I have been so excited at finally getting pumpkins on my pumpkin plants but there is no way they are going to grow and set in time before winter. I've left a few in just for my enjoyment but am in no way deluded about their future LOL.

The zucchini plants are on their last legs too. Like the beans they have a serious case of powdery mildew. We can really see the move into autumn with the changing sun patterns in Granny B's garden, so the zucchini plants have suffered from too much shade.

But I've been planning my autumn garden for a few weeks or so. We have one whole bed dedicated to garlic, one for carrots and parsnips, another for peas and snowpeas and my final one will be a variety of brassicas (red cabbage, chinese greens and I may even try my hand at brussel sprouts again). Not much variety in what we are planting. I figure until we know what I'm allergic to plus Little B already being allergic to so much, no point in getting carried away :-)

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