Monday, March 28, 2011

Quiet Potter

After the last hectic month, today was one for quiet pottering. Little B and I have just taken a day to ourselves to hang out, play games, paint and be merry.

Little B has been painting pictures of our future house (aren't I lucky - not only do I get a new house but it will have two suns!!LOL).

And a gorgeous giant lady bird has been following me around the garden as I put in climbing frames for our peas and snow peas. Apparently she's super friendly and only eats rotten weeds and snails (yes please - she can live in my garden any time!)

I've needed this down time with Little B as we seem to be caught in the joys of preschool and it's endless array of germies. So chilling out in the sunshine with my faithful side kick, a paint brush in one hand and my garden trowel in the other, makes for a really great day.

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