Monday, March 21, 2011

No Oven

We've had no oven for the last week. Granny B's just up a died and then we found out you couldnt get parts for it anymore. So now we await the new oven which is on order.

So we've been experimenting with different ways to get our cooking done. I've fallen back on the breadmaker to make bread, and we've been trying out different things in the Weber Q (like roasts, grilling vegies).

Its at times like these it's really handy to have back up options and I think back up options that dont necessarily run on mains power. Obviously my breadmaker is one of these things but having different methods for a power outage situation is a great idea. We have a Weber (works on hot rocks/charcoal), and Weber Q (gas bottle) but we also have a camp oven to work over a fire (and have practiced cooking basic things like meat, damper, casseroles when we have camped).

But having no oven makes you think a tiny a bit outside the box. I've changed our desserts to fit around the methods we have to cook. And also some of our meals. But it still takes me unawares how much we rely on the oven, especially since we cook so much from scratch.

I'd love a Solar Oven like Bec & Tricia have recently posted about using. But what I'd really lurve is a wood fired oven that's is freestanding. Yes my friends that is my idea of absolute heaven. Maybe at the next house.


  1. I would like a woodfired oven too! I also like the idea of a Cob Cooker as a back up, which uses a 'green' fuel source. I am finding there has not been enough sunny days lately, nor on the days I have time to try the solar cooker out anyways! I am keen to do more solar cooking though... it feels good to cook a meal not using fossil fuels!

    If you lived closer, I would lend you mine!

  2. Commiserations on the loss of the oven. I still remember how limiting it felt when ours went out a couple of years ago.. it still stands out as the longest 12 weeks of my life. :-D

    My dreams for the future include a wood stove, for inside, and a outside pizza oven. The pizza oven would be a bit of an extravagance as unfortunately the time of year you are likely to be wanting to cook outside is also the time of year you're not allowed to light fires but it's a bread makers dream regardless.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Belinda - you're right bit hard to cook during fire season. I'd love an indoor wood stove too.

    Hi Bec - we have issues with sunny days here too so would probably problems relying totally on the sun LOL

  4. I agree a wood fired oven would be LOVELY! Soup on top, bread inside. How cool! - or should I say hot ;-)

    Hope the new oven arives soon.