Monday, February 28, 2011

Madly renovating

Well the time has come for us to start fixing up our house and getting it ready to sell. It has been fungicided and treated for the mold. We have had the carpet ripped out and replaced, some walls ripped out and replaced with new plasterboard and I'm told it looks and smells brand new. The mold remediation company we used are confident that it is ready for a new family to buy and make it a home **.

But we still have so much to do to before it goes on the market. Since I'm unable to go into the house, my jobs are outside. I've been...

Painting the fence & the deck

Putting in new beautiful plants & mulching the garden

Creating an oasis of loveliness on our back deck (I love this garden)

I also get the great job (and I use those terms very loosely) of co-ordinating all the tradesmen quoting and coming in to fix the place. Some have been brilliant and some not so brilliant shall we say.

But we have had our lovely real estate agent who sold our old place come through and give us some tips. And can I just say I love her to bits - she is honest, friendly and straight down the line. She just tells it how it is!! And was more than happy to chat to me for 40 minutes at an open house when no other prospective buyers were there, and then came later in the week to advise us on our house, then sent us a card to thank 'us' for using her again. What can I say, she is just totally fab!!

** I'm jealous that it wont be me :-( The photos I've seen look great but as I'm still so sick and with the current long term implications for my health, we just cant take the risk.


  1. Although I know your situation is unusual, due to the health considerations, but it never fails to surprise me how often we put off doing work on our houses until the month before we are going to sell.

    It seems it's so hard to justify indulging ourselves by spending the money to do these jobs so we just live with them. The thing is that the amount of people who have expressed that they probably wouldn't have sold if they had done the work earlier makes me think for many of us it's false economy. One thing moving isn't is cheap.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Belinda,

    I couldnt agree more.

    I've actually made changes to sell especially to the garden based on real estate agent's recommendations. I like a big mish mash garden of colour, and she recommended trimming it back and making it more streamlined. More styled *roll eyes*