Saturday, February 19, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for...beans

* beans, beans, lovely beans - these have been bursting from the garden this year and I manage to pick a huge bunch almost every day (including today..hello veggie stew for dinner :-)

* ebay - I love how easy it is to sell off what we dont want, and then buy what we do...we are trying to make space at Granny B's for our new bed which is coming early next week

* experimenting in the kitchen - as chief cook in a extended family household, I am now having to turn my hand to trying out gluten free recipes for one family member (I'm super grateful it's not me LOL)

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  1. I love beans too! Good luck with the gluten free cooking... R is Coeliac and I've had both kids gluten free at various times too!

  2. I wanna grow beans! I love them so and apparently as long as you have the climby thingy they are very easy, no? I think beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots and zucchini will have to make there way into my garden somehow, bandicoots be damned.

    Good for you and thanks for the reminder! x

  3. I love beans, and fortunately my Mr Fussy has them on his list! I wish I were able to grow my own. I dream of a veggie patch but have a bit of a black thumb - nothing grows!

  4. Yum - next year I'm planting beans! I love fresh beans. :D

    Good luck with the gluten free cooking.