Monday, February 21, 2011

Dairy free - Week 1

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Well I'm one week down in being dairy free :-) And so far I'm really enjoying it and have got into the groove of making different choices.

It actually hasnt been that much of a hardship. I love oat milk and have finally found a brand of rice milk that doesnt turn my stomach. I've given up smoothies in favour of porridge with oat milk for breakfast and use the rice milk mainly for cooking or other cereals. Luckily I'm a dab hand with allergy recipes having had to cook that way for so many years for Little B.

The harder thing has been the elimination of other foods. The only fruit I'm allowed to eat is pears (which are soooo boring). And the vegetable range is fairly small too. Thankfully beans are one of them ;-) but luckily everyone else can eat the vegies from the garden or it would be such a waste.

Hilariously, Little B has decided he wants to drink rice milk again...'it's my best kind of milk in the world mummy". We weaned him onto A2 cow's milk about 14 months ago and he didnt look back. We were so chuffed that he'd outgrown part of one allergy (he still has a few issues with other kinds of dairy). So it's quite ironic for him to voluntarily want to go back to dairy free. We're sort of playing it by ear at the moment, but he's drinking both throughout the day.

And how do I feel?? - well not that much different really. I feel better in some areas but that could be the removal of anything really as this elimination diet is so strict. My gripey and swollen tummy has disappeared so that's a bonus. But they say it can take 2 weeks minimum before you feel a difference and in some cases the first week can be full of the symptoms of withdrawal (depending on what your intolerant or allergic to). So here's hoping the 2nd week is so much better!!


  1. I found my tummy felt better quite quickly after stopping dairy... the bloating, gurgling and blurgh feeling I'd been having for weeks stopped. Maybe it was coincidence, but I haven't wanted to go back to Cows Milk products! I am having some goats milk in my tea, and some goats cheese in salads (for calcium) but feel OK on that...

    Good luck, hope your second week goes well...

  2. Fingers tightly crossed for you! We are about to try the dairy free thing with our 7y.o., on the advice of an allergist who says he has noticed that kids with an untreated food intolerance can be very anxious, very sensitive to pain... etc etc. lots of bells ringing here. nice to have found a doctor who takes notice! Will need your recommendations for rice milk, and also your recipe for rice milk icecream, please!!!

    I'm not sure whether to cheer or cry. Hope the second week of dairy free has been revelatory for you!

  3. Hi Linda,

    Best rice milk is Australia's Own Organic Rice Milk (it's sort of a green pack). Vitasoy has too much contamination.

    And here is the ice cream recipes - so yum and we are using them again here too