Saturday, February 12, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for...real estate agents

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Today has actually felt really really loooong!! Too much crammed into the day. But today I am grateful for

* helpful friendly real estate agents - we've started the long road to selling our house, so picking the brains of our trusty real estate agent was very helpful. We're not at selling point just yet but she's more than happy to chat about the market and ways to improve our house

* our Weber Q - it makes food taste so dreamy and its so quick and easy. I love a yummy BBQ on a sunny day (I can pretend its summer LOL).

* my darling husband - he works long and hard at the moment at his new job plus juggling his own business on the side, but still has time to chat about our hopes and dreams whenever I need to talk stuff through.

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  1. You can't beat a husband who makes time for the hopes and dreams. x

  2. I've always felt very lucky with our estate agents in the past. I have heard horror stories and feel so fortunate. I hope it is the same for you as well. What kinds of things will you have to do to the house do you think? And yay for the Weber. They're a blessing in this weather I think.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    We currently just have cosmetic stuff to do, like painting hallways and putting in new carpet. But she recommended jazzing up the front of our house and adding some plants to the front garden. Apparently that can makes the biggest difference to first impressions :-)

  4. A great list of grateful! Good luck with selling the house.

  5. Such nice blessings... esp. the husband!