Monday, February 7, 2011

Garden Update

Up until Friday, this post was going to be a whole lot different.

Our garden has been doing really well. Our tomatoes have been ripening, the beans abundant and we've been harvesting our zucchinis.

I've really enjoyed basically cooking out of the garden. We've had some great salads and some tasty vegetable stews. Flinging in whatever I pick that day with some garlic, stock and dried beans. Chargrilled eggplant and zucchini have featured very highly as well :-)

My first pumpkin

But the changeable weather has wreaked havoc on my eggplants and pumpkins. The pumpkins grow, then die and drop off the vines. After producing heaps of eggplants, my eggplants are now just flowering like crazy then the blossoms drop off.

Then came Friday night and a WHOLE lot of rain. Granny B's backyard was flooded for about 36 hours (ankle deep due to non stop heavy rain). The rain was heavy and pounding and the raised beds filled to the brim with water, not to mention to water gushing past beside them.

All our baby zucchinis dropped right off the plants and most of our tomato plants are either broken or their roots were torn completely out. Our poor carrots were quite literally washed out of the dirt within the bed. But hey at least they are harvested :-)

But I'm taking this hurdle and completely looking at the positive side. It's been a fairly slow growing season and I've already been planning our autumn planting, so this is just an early start. I can start prepping the beds for March planting - we need new soil for a start!! ;-) I'm already getting excited about all the new things to try my hand at growing.

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  1. Good positive spin! I'd better get on with our Autumn planning too, but the warm season stuff is only just getting going finally... but yes, with the crazy La Nina weather patterns, that could all come to an end soon. Good luck with the next season...