Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glory Box

 Back in my late teens before I moved out of home, I spent two years accumulating an updated version of a glory box. I had china, glasses, towels, linen in a wooden blanket box (which then went on to be a coffee table, before it became Little B's toy box). During this time, I also bought a fridge, microwave and second hand lounge suite. So when I moved out I had most of the essentials.

Since we have had to walk away from almost everything in our house due to mold contamination, I've started a new glory box. It's mainly in miniature form at the moment due to space constraints. I've been knitting dishcloths and have bought some towels and tea towels.
I've also started saving for a fridge and next week we finally get a bed (which we will use at Granny B's until we move out). Kind hearted family members have donated a secondhand doona cover, sheets and a doona from their own linen stash (from their own mold free homes).

This way when we do buy a new house, furnishing it will be less of a shock both financially and emotionally. Mr B likes to call me "military precision woman" due to my tendency to think and plan far ahead, and make plans to ensure we make the best use of our resources and squeeze every penny ;-) But I just like to think of myself as organised and prepared...I dont like surprises :-)

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  1. I love your organisation & preparedness & thriftiness! I also love the look of those dishcloths, you are so clever! Good luck...