Monday, February 14, 2011

Allergies here we come

I finally had my appointment with an allergist late last week (only took 5 months). With my battle with unwanted weight loss, and one of the side effects of mold exposure being the development of food allergies, the docs wanted to check out if this is contributing to my inability to gain weight. In keeping with that, I of course have developed some *sigh*. Over the last 6 months I kind of knew that nuts seemed to be a growing problem for me - burning and swollen tongue, coughing, hoarse voice.

So after a 2.5 hour appointment, skin prick tests, and general examination where has it left me?

I'm most definitely allergic to brazil nuts, penicillin, peanuts (but with peanuts it's from the aflatoxins - mold again). I already knew and have had it confirmed again, that I am allergic to soy. I'm also allergic to hazlenuts, pecans and sesame seeds. But wait there's more...a free set of steak knives. LOL. Seriously though, they think I might be allergic to dairy.

Yesterday I started the RPAH Strict Elimination Diet to try and see whether dairy is my evil archenemy (or if it's something else). I've always had dairy in my diet (except when breastfeeding Little B because of his allergies). Having said that I've never been able to eat yoghurt and dont eat cheese as it's a mold, so I only really drink about 2 cups of milk a day. These have now been replaced with oat milk (yum) and rice milk (blech - it is such an acquired taste).

The allergist was really interesting to speak to and seemed very knowledgeable (we've been in the allergy medical system for Little B for the last 3 years, so I consider this important, you'd be surprised how many dumb asses there are out there with medical degrees) but he said a few things that made me raise my eyebrows. 

I'm a huge advocate obviously of growing your own food and organics, but he was adamant that the leading allergists/coeliac specialists in Australia (Anne Swain, Sue Shepherd, Mimi Tang) believe that people with allergies should under no circumstances consume organic food. This is because the natural food chemicals in organic food are so high that it impacts dramatically on the body plus new research is showing this can impact on the gut.

But I cant find any research to back up the notion that people with allergies should never have organic, so at the moment I'm reserving judgement and just thinking hmmmmm?!?!?!? I kind of find it hard to believe that pesticides/BPA etc are better for you than whole food?? So we are just putting it in the wait and see basket.


  1. Oh, no, that's a long list of allergies, but hopefully, this will mean you can be on the road to better health soon...

    I can understand that people who've been consuming a processed, crappy diet, who start eating only organic wholefoods (ie. a sudden change in diet) may react to that, but in the long run, if they stick with the better foods through the 'detox' period, it is better for them. If someone who has been generally eating good, healthy food, decides to only eat organic wholefoods, surely it can't be bad for them, or cause them to react to it?? Goodness, that is the strangest thing I've read in a while, and I too would love to see some research on it!! Interesting...

  2. I have to say having that come out of a specialist's mouth would have had me counter with "show me the research" (if he is going to throw such stuff around he should have copies of the papers to back him up).

    A belief is a belief which is subject to bias regardless on whether the belief is being held by your local truck driver or an allergy specialist.. unless it's been studied and proven correct in a reasonable size sample it's still just conjecture.

    Sure the natural chemicals probably are higher. The thing is most of us descend from peoples who ate a large percentage of plant materials in our diet. On top of that sure the lesser petrochemical load might mean that your immune system is not suppressed which might lead to a wider expression of allergy but what happens in that case where the immune system needs to be able to act efficiently. Really though all I am doing is making up plausible sounding stories and without scientific research that's all there will ever be.

    Kind Regards