Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swishing Party

Last Thursday, I went to a “swishing” party as part of a fundraiser for our preschool. We took along any clothes, accessories, shoes or jewellery we wanted to swap, paid an entrance fee, then had 10 tickets to “purchase” our new items.

“Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality” - Michelle (Fundraising Committee)

It was really great fun and they had an amazing turn out. People brought some really great items (no rubbishy old clothes). There was so much great stuff that it became quite competitive ;-) Though the MC had a coin to toss if any fights broke out (which they didn’t).

I turned some earrings, a necklace, and a few black tops into…..

A new bag, bracelets and earrings

A jazzy dress, new top and a pair of great summer pants

Plus a pair of pants and some earrings for Granny B (since I swapped two items of hers).

It was so successful that they hope to run another one before the end of the year. It's a great fundraising idea but I love that a community of women got together to recycle their clothes while saving money at the same time J


  1. My friends and I have been having clothes swaps for the past 8 years. About once every 6 months we get together and bring all our unwanted things and just lay them all out round the host's house. Then we just all get into trying it all on. The first one we made up rules. Since then we have realised that we don't need them as we know where the things are going to and can borrow if we want. It's great, well done and it's amazing how different things look on different people.

  2. Such an amazing idea! I have heard of an online site that does the same thing but not a real live function- so much more fun! Great treasures- I love the bag- perfect to carry knitting in, and snacks, keys, wallet, nappies... EVERYTHING! xo m.