Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Worlds

I was inspired by a post over at Childhood 101 to build a nature playscape, a “Little World” for Little B on our back deck. Using a combination of potting mix and our own dirt, a left over pot from transplanting my yucca, plus plants Little B picked and some white stones, this is what we made over the weekend…..

It’s been an absolute hit J. And while I built it for the outdoors factor and the mini nature playscape factor, I also built it for one other reason. Little B is now 3.5 years and has moments of wilfulness. He wants to do things his way and in the scheme of things, that’s really not possible for much of the time.

We follow a loose simple routine for our days to give him a sense of knowing what comes next. So I built this little world, so that he has complete control over one part of his world. He can dictate what the little people do (or don’t do) to his hearts content.

It’s actually become a real balm and he has settled down a lot, and doesn’t challenge me on the daily (sometimes hourly basis ;-) anymore. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the linkback. Your little world looks wonderful and I hope it continues to bring you both many hours of fun :)