Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Update

My peas have died L A tree in Granny B’s neighbour has grown since last year and now blocks out the sun on half of one of our veggie beds. So the peas succumbed to mould and rot. So I’ve ripped them all out and composted their remains.

But I’ve planted some more – not sure how we will go planting now but hey its worth a shot. I’ve also planted some spinach. Finally, we have our organic garlic bulbs in the fridge ready to plant in a few weeks. I cant wait to put them in the ground.

Autumn Lettuce

Our beans finally stopped producing, so I pulled all those out as well. I’m going to plant Scarlet Runner beans next year as well as our normal beans next year, in the vain hope that I will get a bigger harvest. We eat HEAPS of beans as they are a safe non-allergenic food that Little B can eat but we always run out come June. And of course we cant get anymore from the organic f&v shop, so I need to grow and freeze more.

Our brussel sprouts are soldiering along with amazing growth. I’m impressed as these are just an experiment this year to see how troublesome they are to grow. Early days yet as its just the plant growing per se not the sprouts. Fingers crossed they work well as it’s another green veggie Little B can eat without problems. And so jam packed full of nutrition.

Have planned out our fruit tree purchases and are just waiting on the bare rooted stock to hit our local nursery – Flemings have brought out two more dwarf varieties this year (Black Cherry, and a Pear) so we’ve added them to our list. But we are going to grow them in half wine barrels so we can move them around. Our current plan for the back garden is still a bit loose and depends on dollars for water tanks, so I’d like the ability to move these trees while we bring equipment in and out.


  1. Great to see the progress. Shame about the peas. We're growing garlic at the moment too. Can I ask you why you put them in the freezer before planting?

  2. The latest Organic Gardener says that putting them in the fridge, gives them the nod to start growing. Dont know if its true but thought we'd give it a go anyway :-)