Monday, June 14, 2010

Food Challenges

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We are about to embark on another round of food challenges with Little B. He has become quite fussy of late, and unlike other parents I don’t have the ability to turn around and offer him alternative foods (Little B is currently allergic to some dairy, soy, egg, nuts and salicylates).

Normally this means that I have to rethink or recreate meals and snacks for him out of the ingredients he can already eat / tolerate. But after reading Jude Blereau's current book and chatting to our dietitian and paed gastro, I thought it was time for another round of food challenges. We are going to try in no particular order egg yolks, cashew nut butter and goat’s cheese. These are all good proteins, fats and low in salicylates.

I’m also aiming to take Little B along to a new naturopath who specialises in children and salicylate desensitisation, in the vain hope she can help us expand the variety of vegetables available to him.

As Meaghan has said at EcoMILF recently, you cant help worrying when your little one doesn’t want to eat. It’s the nurturer in us, it’s about being the mama.

Fingers crossed, I get one new food to incorporate into his menu. 


  1. Best Wishes,

    Feeding children through their changing needs must be such a challenge particularly when they simply can't eat what everyone else does.

    Kind Regards

  2. oh so hard! i feel for you right now, nothing more frustrating for a mama! he naturopath sounds like a good idea, but make sure she specializes in kids. when i decided north was going to be vegetarian i went to a nutritionist who specialized in children just once to make sure i had the right ideas and was on the right track. she had some really useful ideas for us. good luck! xo m.

  3. I have been scouring over your allergy posts all night. I think Indi is also salycitate sensitive. She has severe eczema on the backs of her knees and little patches on her body. I have tried minimizing dairy but because we are vegetarian I am worried about cutting too much. She is so sensitive. And after reading more of your posts I think North also has sensitivities to things and reacts in more of a hyper/airy fairy way. Where to start!?! Here! xo m.

  4. Hi Meagan,
    Another really great place to look is

    Sue Dengate is a guru when it comes to food intolerances.