Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winterize your house

Living in a super cold house, means that I’ve been implementing lots of different strategies to winterize our house. We have big deep window sills and Holland blinds. This is actually quite good as it creates an air barrier as insulation. We extended on this by using Velcro dots to attach the hollands to the architraves. Keeps any unwanted heat losses away.

On any big windows we have thermal lined curtains to stop the heat loss (or heat gain during summer). We also use these in the bedrooms to keep them a tad warmer.

Another tip (which I haven’t used yet) is to have wall hangings. A Canadian friend has used these in rental properties as a form of insulation. Basically, he hangs doonas on the wall and puts big rugs on the floor to stop heat loss during winter.

I picked up some funky padded pants from the op shop for $5 late last year, and these keep me super warm in our super cold house. But when they are drying on our indoor rack, I freeze. So Granny B bought me a pair of Lazypatch pants. Despite the fact I think they are a hilarious concept up there with the WTF blanket or the Better Marriage blanket, these are actually really really warm.

So between the two pants I can stay warm without turning up the heat. I’d rather cope with the weather than turning up the temp on our heater. The reasons for this are three fold – firstly, I think having the heater too high just means you get sick more (from dried out nasal passages); secondly, I’d rather save money than spend besquillions on heating and finally, we want to keep our carbon footprint small.

Little B is a furnace all on his own and has been known to get about in shorts or jocks during this cold weather. Mr B just rugs up like me (but more of the two jumper variety, he wouldn’t be caught dead in Lazypatch type pants ;-).

** On a side note, the wtf blanket is a parody but the better marriage blanket is a serious product....hahahaha

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