Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to the Mud Pit

This is the new Mud Pit we built for Little B. It was just part of uneven lawn at the back of our yard that we filled with dirt from another part of the garden. He loves to "dig the foundations" and make roads.

Being as anti-plastic as I am, I originally thought we would just use his gardening tools, matchbox cars and some wooden toys we have. But my MIL handed down some toys from her children, so instead we are using those. I dont feel I have the right to dispose of them thoughtfully, so I figure outside in the fresh air and covered in dirt, the plastic is less likely to be harmful to Little B.

We can add water to make mudpies or mountains and it's in the overhang of a tree. So shade during summer and holds off the worst of the rain during winter :-)

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