Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love is....

...staying up all night with a sick child :-)

Well we came home with more than a few books from library story-time yesterday…..the dreaded gastro. Little B has been up all night vomiting (not a pretty picture, I know).

So I have spent most of today ensconced in the rocking chair in Little B’s room with a mohair blanket, reading him Winnie the Pooh, knitting and listening to audiobooks.

And when he has slept I’ve done loads of laundry before being called back to his bed, where I have been used as a pillow and read books of my own.

As for dinner, whenever Little B is sick, I resort to whatever is fastest to cook and eat – so tonight is spelt pasta with goat’s cheese and the obligatory few veg thrown in.

On days like these, I just surrender and go with the flow, don’t try to get anything in particular done, and hope that it passes quickly!!

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  1. Ah. I'm all too familiar with this scenario. Poor thing - both of you! Selfishly speaking, at least you got to read a little something of your own taste. :)