Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bonus :-)

Well we have had a very unexpected bonus from the A2 milk. For the first time in his life, Little B is consistently sleeping for 11.5 to 12 hours per night. And even more shocking to us, a wake up time of 7am is becoming the done thing.

Why is this amazing I hear you say?? Well for most of Little B's life, a wake up time of 5-5.30am has been the norm. Sleeping only 9 hours a night and no day nap for a year was all he got. We used to think the dark circles under his eyes were primarily allergy shiners. But lo and behold with a few weeks of consistent sleep (and a nasty cold bug thrown in for good measure) there are no dark circles to be seen.

Its also helped that we've had warm weather. Little B always sleeps better when he's warm. Will just have to see how long this miracle continues ;-)


  1. oh god, I love the sound of that! We're about to try A2 milk on Z. A is sceptical, but I am desperate! fingers crossed we get results like these!!!

  2. Anything is worth a try if you ask me. I was super sceptical but desperate and it paid off here :-) Anything for more sleep!!