Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garden Update

Our garden is still producing well. We’ve eaten all our lettuces and are having one more go at growing some more even though the hot weather just makes them bolt so quickly. Our pumpkins are charging along but no actual pumpkins yet.

I haven’t been too sure what to plant this month. The weather is just so weird – really hot, really steamy and lots of storms. Our shade cloth shelter for the raised veggie bed has worked really well on hot days. So we’ve lost very little to sun burn – only one Lebanese cucumber so far.

I have started germinating brussel sprout, beetroot, peas, broccoli and pak choy seedlings for our winter garden. The brussel sprouts and beetroot are just showing now ☺. The plan is to sit and map out what we would really like in our winter garden and then to stagger our germination and planting as the week’s progress. I’m hoping to put in garlic fairly soon as well.

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