Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I’m sure this recipe has already done the rounds of blogia but it has been such a hit in our house recently (and its so easy) that I thought I’d post it anyway. I found it on Simple Savings. It’s great for using up stuff out of the fridge.


200g plain yoghurt
pinch of salt
250g self raising flour
Then whatever filling you like – traditionally spinach / rocket, and feta with some lemon, salt and pepper

1. Beat yoghurt and salt until smooth
2. Gradually add flour and stir with knife until it becomes a stiff dough
3. Knead by hand until the dough becomes soft and sticky
4. Put in a clean bowl, cover and stand for 30 minutes
5. Divide into 4 round pieces, roll into a 20cm circle
6. Add filling, fold over to form a half circle, then press edges with a fork
7. Brush with oil on one side, cook in frypan until golden, then coat other side with oil and repeat

We’ve made these with leftover vegies and cream cheese and they were yummed up by all. I’m next going to try with different cheeses as Little B passes those food challenges.

I love that the dough is really pliable. It’s given me lots of ideas of how I could use it in a dessert form with a little bit of sugar added to the dough.

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