Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rubbish Bin

I love the idea of these LOL - but they are really too decadent for us to purchase

One of my New Years goals is to reduce our plastic usage and rubbish. I’m proud to say that we have now got down to only having to put our rubbish bin out every 2nd week. And even then it’s not full. My goal is to get down to putting it out every 3 weeks.

The way I’ve been managing our rubbish at the moment, is to make really careful shopping choices. I buy in bulk where I can, and now I choose glass and cardboard over plastic coverings for food. For example, I buy our oats in cardboard not plastic.

Obviously I compost as much as I can – all our kitchen waste (barring meat, dairy etc), all paper and small cardboards as appropriate. I also have a separate compost bay for our cat litter – it’s made from recycled phone books. I used to have a worm farm dedicated to this which worked really well but I cant seem to keep the worms alive in extreme heat so have given this up for now. This compost is for garden plants not veggies etc.

I sheet mulch any large cardboard boxes we receive depending on their coatings.

I also use up all our food and leftovers as much as I can. Creative cooking at its best but also only buying what we need and like to eat makes the difference. My next goal is to get more into preserving and canning so that I don’t need to buy things in cans and can reuse glass instead.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. We are still working on decreasing the amount of rubbish we have each week. I have lessened it significantly mostly by buying things unpackaged, but you have to be really aware of this on a daily basis because one shopping trip of not thinking and you've practically got a whole bag filled to the brim after you unpack the groceries- it's scary really. xo m.