Friday, February 12, 2010

Plastic-free Toys

You’ll have gathered from my previous posts that I am on an anti-plastic crusade at the House of B. After attacking the kitchen, I’m now ransacking Little B’s bedroom and toy box. I’ve thrown out all the extraneous plastic rubbish he plays with and have now ear marked the things I need to replace. All of it will go onto op-shops or I will sell via ebay to fund the new purchases we need to make.

What has been pleasantly surprising is how many plastic free environmentally friendly toys and toy companies there are out there.

I love Plan Toys and also Haba Toys.

We’ve also been inspired to replace all of Little B’s plastic play food with knitted play food. This way we can actively control what goes into them. Lots of family members have come on board to help us in this respect and Little B is now the proud owner of a knitted banana, pear, strawberries, donuts and cupcakes ☺

Clearing out his toy box also made me realise how much Little B prefers imagination to things. He spends ages playing with toilet roll people (even though he has toy ones) and play dough creations. The branded toys rarely get a look in.


  1. Oh they are so cute!!!! would you share the patterns? or direct me to a link? -- i loath plastic crap, :(

  2. Hi there,
    Here are the links:

    They've got some really cute things :-)

  3. Thanks i'll have a look at them now :)

  4. I love Plan Toys also. My daughter has some of their dolls house furniture. I love that its fair trade and made from rubber trees that would have otherwise gone to waste (as they are too old to produce rubber).

    The knitted fruit is gorgeous.