Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cast Iron Frypan

I’ve fallen in love with my cast iron fry pan and cast iron wok. This is meaningful because I used to be a card carrying member of the anti-fat brigade ;-) Mainly because I had so many health issues that I attributed them (wrongly I might add) to fat and meat. Since finding out about my food allergies when Little B was diagnosed, I can now make our food choices based on the best things for us physically, ethically and sustainably.

But back to the cast iron frypan. This works so much better than my non-stick frypan that I don’t know why I didn’t change over years ago. Things cook evenly and quickly and its become virtually non-stick anyway with constant use (also the wok makes our stir fries taste so much better). I’m also comfortable now with seasoning them and cleaning / caring for them properly.

In hindsight, my conversion is hilarious. Mr B used to swear by cast iron cookware and I used to look at him like he had two heads. Now he looks at me like I have two heads as he cant believe after 8 years that I’ve so completely come around to his way of thinking ☺

PS If anyone is investigating seasoning cast iron cookware, I can heartily recommend the salt method. I’ve done it both ways and this is sooo much better!!


  1. I need to buy a new large frypan (after getting rid of our old peeling teflon one) and have been trying to decide between stainless steel and cast have convinced me to go with cast iron. Thanks.

  2. I've been wanting a cast iron frypan for ages, but can't find one. Where would you suggest I look?

  3. If money is no object then La Creuset but for the rest of us ;-) I bought mine from an Aussie Disposals store $12.95 :-)