Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Washing Experiments

I’ve been using a variety of eco-washing powders for the last 3 years and have been fairly happy with them. But Mr B is not happy with them. As an engineer he can have days where his clothes get really greasy and grotty and the eco powder just doesn’t cut it. I tried soaking them first but still his clothes just don’t come out fresh and clean and often have an odour that smells really damp and stale.

The last straw has been during our renovations, where Mr B has developed a bed sore type rash from clothes chafing against his legs in the warm weather while he worked. Our gp said he believed our washing powder was contributing as it wasn’t cleaning his clothes properly and this combined with the chafing has caused infected wounds.

So I decided to make my own washing powder as per Rhonda’s recipe at Down to Earth. I had most of the ingredients on hand and decided to omit the Borax as I’m really not comfortable using a product that is a) mined and b) can be toxic to children.

The result?

Surprisingly good actually ☺ I couldn’t stand the smell of Lux flakes so moved onto grating the Sunlight soap and that helped heaps. Mr B’s clothes are really clean and he didn’t mind the smell of either versions (and I will say once the clothes are dry they don’t smell so strongly of the Lux flakes).

It doesn’t make my whites any whiter but then again none of the eco washing powders I have used make clothes any whiter. But a few days on the line in full sun works wonders – a cool trick I learned when we used cloth nappies. Sunlight is the best stain remover!!

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