Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodbye tumble dryer....

Pavani Vijay Kaushik Copyright 2004

We have been hanging onto our tumble dryer “just in case” for about 2 years now. We never use it and it has been quite simply a dust catcher in the laundry. So after juggling it in our very small new laundry, I decided “what the heck, lets get rid of it”. So we have.

It frees up a lot more space in our laundry, and means we don’t have a huge electrical appliance collecting dust!! And when I saw the dust on it when we moved, it was really gross (it was wall mounted and covered in dust).

In addition to this we have also stopped using our dishwasher. The one that came with the new house surprise, surprise doesn’t work (none of the appliances that came with the house have). I’d been tossing up the idea of getting rid of our dishwasher at the last house, so this just forced the issue.

So far, so good ☺. It has meant that I need to be even more organised, due to the sheer amount of cooking from scratch that I do, but I’ve taken it in my stride (with the odd whinge here or there LOL). The worst thing I can say is that the extra mess annoys me, as there is simply not enough bench space in the kitchen for someone who likes to cook.

I'm also really keen to keep our water usage down, so have organised my dishes into two washes a day - 3 litres each time. So 6 litres a day. I cant wait for our next water bill to see if this makes a difference. We've brought it down so much its hard to make a dint now.

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