Friday, January 1, 2010

I feel guilty!! ☹

I know as mothers we seem to embrace the concept of guilt quite wholeheartedly but I am feeling decidedly guilty at the moment. We try to live as sustainable and tread as lightly on the environment as we can – at home, at work, and at heart. Mr B & I run our own business based in the solar industry, we are ethical, support fair trade etc, so I hate it when I feel like the world is forcing us to do things we don’t want to.

I feel guilty that we moved Little B into a toxic house.

I feel guilty that we can’t change this house as quickly as we would like to remove all the toxins and make it healthy.

I feel guilty that doctors are now recommending we return to a chemical laden washing powder for Mr B (due to skin irritations that need to be kept clean). Our current eco washing powder is not doing enough, and neither is tea tree oil in the wash. And this is where I feel doubly guilty: 1) to go back to chemicals and 2) because my eco attitude to cleaning etc isn’t working in this instance.

What can I say, I am a sad strange little woman but I feel so guilty to go against my principles about how we choose and how we want to live our lives!!

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