Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bam and the dairy allergy is gone.

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You know if you told me when we first found out about Little B‘s allergies that one day he would outgrow one of them, I quite frankly wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, even 6 months ago I wouldn’t have believed you. But finally, Little B has outgrown one of his allergies.

It seems that the dairy allergy has bitten the dust. And I am so grateful. The last 12 months especially it has felt like he would NEVER outgrow anything or even that his reactions would never minimise in anyway. It has seemed like every food challenge was doomed to failure (and fail they did, time and time again).

So yay and time for the happy dance LOL. Mind you, we’ve only experimented with cow milk (but so far so good) and its been a long 2 week trial of that. What’s exciting is we now have another food option to offer in the narrow realm of food that Little B can eat.

The food trial continues over the next few weeks as we slowly introduce a few white mild cheeses. We will be avoiding yoghurt etc for at least another 6 months as Little B has always had an extremely strong reaction to both this and yellow cheeses.

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