Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Frugalista Queen

I’m a member of Simple Savings and can heartily recommend it as a supportive forum full of ideas on how to save $$$. I’m currently participating in a few challenges on there but namely the “Under $100 club” which involves spending no more than $100 per week on food.

We’ve taken it even lower and are doing the challenge as feeding 2 adults, 1 child and 2 cats for $50 per week (excluding prescription medication). I want to see if we can rein in our food costs without really compromising on what we eat.

This might sound daunting but it’s actually really uplifting and supportive on the forum and has also made us very creative. We run a stockpile so we are dipping in and out of that (as well as stocking it) but also because we make everything from scratch this isn’t that hard. In my mind it’s a lifestyle choice - living simply, making do with what we have and making from scratch.

Another thread “How low can you go?” has been even more inspiring. And topical considering yesterdays article in The Age about food wastage in Australia. This thread is a mini blog about one lady who uses everything up, forages, only buys what she needs and is immensely happy.

I found a few tips from here to apply to our life and to me that’s the benefits of Simple Savings and why I’ve been a member for 4 years. Even if I learn one new thing, its one thing I didn’t know before. And I love sharing ideas and knowledge with like minded people. Its why I love Aussies Living Simply as well.

So keeping the costs down, the home-made food up, utilising our veggie garden produce – sounds good to me ☺

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