Friday, January 15, 2010

Root Cellar

After reading the Maple Farm blog for the last few months and looking at their gorgeous pics, I’m inspired to start a root cellar of sorts. While we don’t have a cellar per se, what we do have is solid brick foundations and a room that has brick walls and a cement slab ceiling.

So I decided as the start of my “root cellar”, I am going to keep part of my stockpile down here. It has been really hot in recent days, enough to melt the chocolate in my pantry (blasphemy I hear you say LOL). But the room under the house is nice and cool every day. So it seems logical to store things down there that might spoil – chocolate, uht milk etc.

I hope once my veggie garden is up and running at the new House of B, that I will be able to store canning and preserves down there as well. And it’s turned out to be a great place to store our wine too ☺

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