Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Goals

In the spirit of Kelly at Taurus Rising, I’ve decided to put down some goals / aims / aspirations for 2010. One to have them in writing and two for some accountability ☺

So in 2010, I would like to:
• work harder at reducing our plastic waste
• extend our vegie gardens and plant more fruit trees
• to reduce our electricity usage even further (11kwh and counting)
• to have our toilet and washing machine plumbed into the water tanks
• to develop my knitting skills
• to stress less and relax more
• to socialise more with our friends, and to entertain more at our home
• to go on our first serious holiday with Little B

My key words for 2010 (as per Eileen at Consumption Rebellion) will be “Relax” and “Surrender”. My aim is to reduce my stress levels and to surrender to the natural ebbs and flows in life rather than try to control them at my own peril ☺

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