Sunday, November 15, 2009

Herb Garden

Today, Granny B and I decided to start a herb garden and a lettuce garden in some polystyrene boxes we have been donated. Our lettuces aren’t working so well at Granny B’s (and in past years we have normally grown them at my place).

Here is the blank canvas:

And here are the herb and lettuce boxes (we have two kinds of lettuce and some baby spinach on one side, and basil, oregano and coriander on the otherside):

By re-purposing these boxes, it means we can keep them close to the back door but it also makes them transportable should we wish to move them around the yard. I will start on a new vegie garden at the new House of B pronto but starting in the middle of summer means I will probably be getting ready for autumn planting or late Feb.

I’m looking forward to starting another herb garden. We have a great rosemary and sage patch, but it will be fun to try these new one this year. I also wouldn’t mind turning my hand to some asian herbs as well.

Today we also planted:
- rockmelon
- more pumpkin
- eggplant
- more carrots (the last lot were eaten by creatures of the night)
- beans


  1. rockmelon! I didn't know we could grow that this far south. have you grown it before? does it need anything special? info! I need info! :-)

  2. Yes apparently it is very tricky but we are having a bash anyways. And no we havent grown it before. Will send you the packet which tells you how to go about it :-0