Friday, November 13, 2009

Consumption Rebellion inspiration

I often find at the moment that I am inspired by other people’s blogs or challenges. They make me rethink things that I am doing or want to do.

Currently I’m focussed on buying nothing new (if at all possible), kudos to Consumption Rebellion. This means I’ve been much more creative in looking at reusing things around the house. It also means that if I want something new to wear, use and so on, first I check my cupboards and try to reuse / or refashion, then onto op shops, freecycle, and finally ebay.

Mr B has always been a fan of the rubbish drive special. He also loves to tell me that free is the right price. And as we pack our house for the move, we are reminiscing over the way we acquired items. We have a lovely cork table he uses for his hobbies (from the rubbish drive), some chairs (from the rubbish drive),….are you seeing a theme here. But we also have hand me downs, hand me alongs and bonus finds from the op shop and freecycle.

And since purchasing our new house, it has offered a few challenges too. We started looking early on for a tv type stand (that could be used as more than a tv stand). I’ve made it a habit now to stop into any op shops when in the vicinity as well as eye balling ebay. This helped us find a gorgeous Baltic pine tv stand that has drawers and shelves for other inanities (and will make a kicking toys adventure playground for Little B ☺.

But I guess I’m just amazed at what you can find, if you have a list and then patiently wait to find what you are looking for. And sometimes it is just good flow – Granny B wanted to sell her lounge as she has a progressive back injury, then I happened to see a gorgeous lounge in an op shop. She went and bought it one day, listed her old lounges on ebay same day, they sold that night and were picked up the next day. Perfect flow!!


  1. My husband and I furnished our first few homes together almost totally from rubbish drive finds. One of our houses was an old fishermans shack and I just loved that everything was old and had a story.

    I have a list of items of furniture we need, as you suggest. I then keep and eye out whenever I am at an opp shop for what we need. It does take much longer than buying new -but I always appreciate the second hand finds much more than if I had bought new.

    Tricia :-)

  2. I always appreciate second hand finds more too and I really love that a history comes along with them :-)