Monday, November 9, 2009

Garden Update

Our snowpeas are growing…and growing…and growing. In fact I think they might take over the world ☺ Which is great actually, as last year they grew really fast at the start and then got too wet and keeled over and died.

Our strawberries are flourishing as well. The snails don’t seem to have noticed them (though they’ve noticed everything else in the garden – goodbye cucumbers).

And our carrots are slowly appearing in the vegie bed. I’m just waiting to see if our capsicums are going to grow from seed or whether I'll admit defeat and start cultivating seedlings first.

We’ve used a combination of seeds straight into the ground and are own home grown seedlings this year. I’m curious to see which does better in our different vegie patches. We have three going with different processes – one is a no dig above ground, one is cultivated earth (we worked it over a lot during winter with manures and compost) and one is just good old fashioned dirt with no help from us. Ironically at the moment, it’s the good old dirt winning the race, but its still too early to tell.

We planted:
- more zucchini
- pumpkin
- more lettuce (this isn’t thriving as well this year)
- pak choy

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