Sunday, November 8, 2009

The gastro fairies have come visiting :-(

Unfortunately the gastro fairies have come visiting Little B. He is one sick little man – high temps and all the rest. I have to say I dread gastro as it takes a huge toll on Little B.

Last September he had a horrid rotavirus that ended up with him being hospitalised twice. He ran a temp of 40 for 4 days and we were changing nappies a minimum of 16 times a day. But that wasn’t the worst bit, he lost heaps of weight and it took him 3 months to recover fully. Luckily he was still breastfed and that kept him hydrated and soldiered him through.

The problem with having multiple food allergies is he doesn’t really have a buffer to fight off viruses like these. Its not like I can offer heaps of appetising foods to encourage appetite and rice milk unfortunately is basically white water with some calcium LOL (our dietitians description not ours).

Fingers crossed these fairies are only visiting for a very short while.

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