Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Balancing Act...

Do you love balance bikes?? We do....

Little B was a little late to a balance bike. Santa brought him a big boy training wheel bike for Christmas past which he absolutely adores. But recently we discovered Little B has some balance and coordination issues and voila the balance bike was introduced to the House of B.

He spends ages on this hooning around the backyard and up and down some of the bike paths near home. Yesterday much to hilarity of the library staff & great hoots of laughter from Little B, I was hooning up and down the path on a tiny wooden balance bike :-) It took him a little while to get the concept of balancing but now he's taken to it like a duck to water.

I knew the benefits of these bikes but was very surprised to learn that in Europe kids more often than not move straight from balance bikes to normal bikes without the need for training wheels. This is because the children have already developed their sense of balance and stability. Fingers crossed it works that way for us.

But for now it's a fun way to spend the day (and is very easy for mum to carry when said child gets side tracked at the playground LOL).

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