Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 days and counting....

Well it's 5 days to settlement and we are sooo counting down!! :-) And with it has come all the usual hectic things that come with changing house.

So this week in amongst the chaos of final walk throughs, postal redirections, taking minutes for kindy committees and the like, I've been trying to take some downtime for me.

* I've been loving oat pikelets with home-made jam, so creamy and moorish...mmmmm

* Wrapping up warm in the super chilly weather and reading some trashy fantasy fiction which requires not much thought

* Using Little B's kindy time to immerse myself in the kitchen and played about with new concoctions for meals and snacks.

* I've also started my beloved belly dancing classes again last week. We are learning how to use zills (much to Little B's delight). Nothing better than zilling to the dominant beat.

* And so I've also been listening to lots of music :-)

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