Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I heart...

I am so loving this little Kids Konserve thermos right now.

Little B takes his lunch to preschool twice per week and sandwiches just dont always cut it in this cold weather. So he's been taking along some hearty stews with rice, vegetarian pasta or home-made mini gozlemes or calzones to eat. 

Growing up a thermos was always part of lunch for my brother and I when we went to school. Granny B made noodles or soup, and it was so nice to eat when we were freezing our butts off at school. Plus I have to say with low gi protein in Little B's lunches, he comes home a happy boy (compared to the crazy grumpy monkey if he doesnt eat his sandwich). Bonus!! :-)


  1. Miss M didn't go so well with her lunch in hers, but a hot chocolate every chilly day of the last week of school term sure was appreciated!!

  2. Hi Bec,

    I'm not sure how he'll go at school with this. If there's something more interesting to do like playing with other kids, I'm sure he'll want something quick and easy to eat!!