Saturday, July 2, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for toilets :-)

Yay the school holidays have begun and we've got some fun and jam packed weeks ahead of us. So this Saturday I'm grateful for...

* toilets - We've stayed at a motel again this week while Granny B's bathroom has been ripped out for renovation (the pesky floor issues stretched into the bathroom). Home yesterday the bathroom is still not finished (sigh) but we have a toilet!!!
* mums -  I love and adore my mum and she is an endless shoulder to turn to and friendly ear to talk off. Living with her has deepened her relationship with Little B but also deepened our relationship - as a mother and daughter, as two mums, as two friends...

* jumping - after a few hiccups at preschool, we've discovered Little B has some mobility issues relating to his hip dysplasia at birth. So we were sent off with orders to obtain a trampoline. Ordered Wed, arrived Friday and has been a source of great amusement since yesterday afternoon (to everyone LOL).

Check out Maxabella loves for more grateful goodness...


  1. Haha I bet your little guy is having a blast on the trampoline, and it sounds like you are having a blast watching him. Hope your bathroom is fixed soon :)

  2. After travelling the world for so long in my late twenties, I never took my toilet for granted again... not for a second. x