Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends in a heartbeat

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Little B is learning to swim again. He adores the water but is very anxious so we've been spending some lazy afternoons at the local indoor pool. One of the fun things along with swimming has been meeting other children. Dont you love the way that kids can make new friends in a heart beat?? We met a lovely family yesterday on holiday from England.

The two boys just seemed to make a beeline to each other from the beginning (despite a years age gap) and played for 2 hours together. I spent the time swimming and chatting to the boys as well as meeting and talking with his family. It was great to hear about their English village life and their community. But it made me think about how simple it is at that age to reach out and throw yourself wholeheartedly into connecting with new people.

Little B is highly social and just loves people of all ages. He talks quite seriously to everybody and anybody. I've always been the friendly sort but since having him and since he could talk, I've found myself talking and connecting with so many more people in our local community.

We know all the staff at our local biodynamic grocer, the local library staff know and watch out for Little B, the supermarket checkout ladies we see each week gave him a present for Easter and for Christmas, I know our neighbours up and down the street from daily walks and chats - you get the picture.

I envy Little B is ability to be fearless and to attempt to engage and connect with all and sundry. Plus he's so easy going that he just takes rejection on the chin and doesnt take it personally. "They mustnt be feeling friendly today" he tells me. Imagine how connected communities and people could be if they were open to so many new friendship experiences?? I know I feel great and more adventurous in getting to know people by following his spirit.

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