Friday, July 8, 2011

The only way is up...

Well 3 months into this anti-inflammatory diet, I have to say that I’m charging along. I’ve put on 3 kilos (though am still underweight). I feel much better and have lost the numbness in my left arm which has plagued me for a year.  Who would have thought that cutting out so much food, and eating no fat would help me gain weight??

Anyway yesterday was D Day. I got my results from my lumbar puncture. The fantabulous news is that I do not have a progressive nor deteriorating disease!! The damage to my body has stopped progressing and the inflammation is slowly but surely reducing. Even better news if you ask me.

The bad news is the nerve damage to my hands and feet is permanent. I now need to care my feet as if they are diamonds as the blood supply is severely compromised due to the nerve damage. Not exactly what every dancer wants to hear – but since dancing is so important to me, I have put this high on my self care agenda.

They feel though that my leg damage may be able to be improved. Or if not that I can build up all my other muscles to compensate for their limited use. It also helps that we are in a mold free environment which is giving my body a greater chance of detoxing.

But I feel so happy and positive!! I went home from this appointment on cloud nine, because a) it’s so nice for my body to be co-operating for a change and b) that there is light at the end of this mold saga.


  1. What fantastic news! I'm truly glad that you don't have a progressive disease which is of course the best news that's come out of it all. What a relief it must be. Of course you have challenges ahead but things seem so much easier to handle with positivity. I'm really happy for you!

  2. Fantastic have turned back the tide. Doctors are clever but they don't know you have found out. Maybe the nerve damage will improve with continued care on your part. Keep positive.

  3. I am so very glad to hear that you have had positive news.

    Best wishes for your continued healing

  4. Awesome news, except the permanent damage. Good luck with your recovery, glad you are putting on weight and yes, diamonds on the soles of your feet!