Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elimination Diet Update

Well the last month has brought more surprises than most. I abandoned my elimination diet with my allergists approval when my weight bottomed out at 45kg (the lightest I've ever been during this illness). I am however still dairy free as I can really feel the benefits.

But my mold battle took a turn for the worse so my neurologist has put me onto an anti-inflammation diet. Quite simply, I am now basically vegan with a certain amount of fish each week. The key thing is to avoid all dairy, meat, saturated fats and eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish and most of all omega 3's. I'm taking lots of flax seed oil as well as the fish as omega 3's reduce the inflammation response in your body.

I have to count my saturated fat intake each day and cannot exceed 10g. This is surprisingly easy once you take out dairy and meat. Having been vegetarian before Little B was born, it's not such a stretch to return to this way of eating and I've already been off dairy for 6 weeks so that's only annoying in the sense that I need to adapt recipes. I'm only sad that all my gorgeous vegetarian cookbooks had to be thrown out because of the house. Yay for the internet and family have said I can have a veggie cookbook birthday LOL.

Now here's the irony. Though it's early days, I'm gaining weight consistently day to day. Which could just be an anomaly or because my weight was so low. I'm keeping positive and think it might on the up and up. Only time will tell if this helps all my other problems but I have all my fingers and toes crossed :-)


  1. Oh, gosh, Mrs B, I am so hoping for a return to health for you, and to be able to get some more chubbies on those bones soon. A good cookbook for a birthday present is always good, I think... everyone benefits!

  2. I have and will continue to have everything crossed for you. This situation really is more than anyone should have to cope with.

    Best Wishes and Highest Hopes

    **p.s. if you have the energy to catch up sometime I would welcome the opportunity.

  3. Thanks ladies :-)

    Bec - I would love some more meat on my bones. And I agree a good cookbook is a fab present. I love giving them as pressies as well as receiving them.

    Belinda - I've emailed you re a catchup!!